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Sep 16, 2009

Simspson is even more dumb than we thought!

So Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy, a caramel colored malti-poo (gift from ex-husband Nick Lachey) was taken by a coyote right in front of her the other day.  As if her life hasn't been shitty enough lately what with getting fat & losing her boyfriend the one thing she could rely on to be there was snatched right away from her!  I feel bad for her and all but really Jess...you really think you are going to find the dog?  I knew she was dumb but I didn't think she was that dumb, she has actually made & put up fliers with Daisy's pic & a reward offered (coyote's love rewards).  Why doesn't someone break it to her that her dog was more than likely eaten by that coyote & perhaps some of it's friends & family minutes after it was taken?  Coyote's aren't exactly known for being kind creatures who borrow smaller live animals for fun...they eat them, that's what they do & Daisy was simply dinner so she needs to accept that & move on. 
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