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Sep 29, 2009

I'm so effing sick of road construction!

What the eff is going on? All these "putting Michigan to work" signs all over the place & orange barrels right underneath them yet guess what? Nobody is effing working! I was 15 minutes late today because the road crew had ten mile tore to shit complete with large pot holes which I'm sure fucked up my car in some way as I had to go through about 20 of them. It's pouring rain outside and these jackasses are moving around barrels & fucking up everyone's morning commute...even the school bus who pulled a u-turn in an attempt to find an alternate route. The street outside my apartment is also all tore to shit & nobody is working on that either but they were putting up some new barrels this morning! This has been going on since August on both streets & I'm sorry but here's my thought...fucking finish it & be done!! All they are doing is repaving the road & if they can tear out, replace the sewers & repave Garrison in 3 weeks I don't see why this shit should be any different...oh that's right, I live in Oakland County now & they are very lax about all road maintenance. During all the snow last year I would notice that even 3 days after the snow fell they still hadn't salted or plowed 10 mile. I wonder if the lag in getting the work done is that the people that are doing it are corporate people who lost their job & settled for this one. They have no clue what the hell they are doing so they just stand around & wait for instructions, given the "putting Michigan to work" theory that would kind of make sense. Honestly I don't give a shit who is doing the work I would just like it finished right away, like seriously, I would appreciate both roads being done by October 15th, thanks!!
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