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Sep 21, 2009

Worst Dressed Dolls!

Ok so I'm not even going to post my favorites because I wasn't really blown away by anyone!  Not everyone looked like shit though I think a lot of ladies just played it safe.  Here are the gals that were definitely lacking in the fashion department.

We have Leighton Meester in a white dress that looks to be 10 sizes too big with kleenex flowers on the shoulders.  Christina Applegate's dress is just too damn busy and those bows & single sleeve just make her look lopsided.  Then we have the muppet like Kyra Sedgewick in this awful rose colored velvet looking curtain like number.  She's got a killer body & I really wish she would learn how to dress it.  Finally we have the lovely Padma Lakshmi, the dress is a beautiful color & fits her like a glove but I tell you what, remove those shoulder straps, just leaving the halter & remove that stupid & useless bunch of red flowers on her hip & she'd look like a million bucks!

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