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Oct 5, 2009

ATL Housewives' Kandi's Fiance Killed

Kandi Burruss (singer & piece of ATL Housewives' puzzle) lost her fiance A.J. (Ashley Jewell) over the weekend when he was involved in a bar brawl outside an Atlanta strip club Friday night.  He received a blunt blow to the head & was rushed to the hospital where he died early Saturday morning.  A.J. is leaving behind 6 children and obviously Kandi is beyond devastated especially because she also lost her uncle Ralph who's funeral was yesterday.  Not to mention that A.J.'s family just went through the horrific ordeal with his niece who was I believe killed by a drunk driver, if she wasn't killed she was certainly severely injured.  I feel absolutely awful for his kids, Kandi's daughter & all families & friends involved.  Even though Kandi's mom couldn't stand A.J. I'm sure she would never wish this on anyone & will hopefully be there for her daughter through this whole process.  The whole thing is so sad and it's going to be very strange watching them plan their wedding on the show knowing that he's gone.
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