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Oct 5, 2009

Do you want to see your Friends on the big screen?

Well, apparently the cast of Friends have signed on to do a theater release movie which will come out next year.  Personally as someone who watched Friends & has seen every episode about 30 times & has the board game I think this is a really bad idea.  According to this article everyone was on board except Jen but once she saw how awesome SATC did in the theaters & the fact that they are working on the second one, which will likely be as awesome as the first, she thought that maybe it was time to change her mind.  There is one major difference though...SATC the series was on cable & Friends was network which meant it was filmed in front of (or shown to) an audience so you have the laughter going on throughout the show & I highly doubt the movie will be the same way & that takes away a huge part of the show.  It's so much easier turning cable shows into movies because each episode is almost like a mini movie...no commercials, honest language (cursing & what not), nudity, and more real life situations.  Now I'm not saying I wouldn't see the Friends movie but I'd more than likely either see a matinee or wait for DVD & I can say that even though the show was a way bigger hit than SATC there isn't a chance in hell that the movie will earn half of what SATC did.  Who knows, maybe it will help some of the failing careers that seem to be looming around most of the cast.
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