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Oct 13, 2009

Hi, I'm crazy & want to warn you about another crazy person!

The thrills of dating sites! So I was on this local site the other day which I don't check very often & I saw that I had a message & when I opened it noticed it was from a chick & trust me this isn't the first time a girl has messaged me either looking to date me or wanting me to date her & her boyfriend.  I opened the message since the title was PLEASE READ so I thought maybe she worked for some singles group & was organizing some function.  Anyway, I open the message & get this:

My name is Crazygirl and I have some things to share with you before you make a huge mistake. Crazyguy (aka datingsitehandle) was my fiancé/boyfriend up until last Thursday, we were supposed to be married on Sept 26, 2009 and I have the wedding contractual agreement along with payment verification to prove this. Wednesday evening I discovered Crazyguy has been lying to me and several other women. He has been writing to them and deceiving them that he is single and looking. Furthermore, Crazyguy has been deceiving me that everything is okay between us, lying that he isn't giving his telephone number out to women or asking them for dates, and saying that there aren't any women who are writing to him that are worth his time.

The truth is Crazyguy and I were having “issues” within the last week because he felt I didn't have enough time for him. Unfortunately I am a very busy person, I am a resident surgeon with a local hospital and this often lends to me not having the time that I'd like to have. I thought everything was okay between us and foolishly I allowed Crazyguy to lie to me. For days I've been questioning what he was doing on the dating site and he said just chatting. I believed him. I re-added my profile to the site as well in order to figure out what he was doing. Crazyguy assured me that I was all that he wanted, that there were no women on the site he was chatting with, no women he'd wanted, and wasn't giving his telephone number out.

Back to the point...Last evening I realized that I had Crazyguy's password to the site and I went into his profile. I discovered that he was sending messages back and forth with several other women passing out his number, asking for dates, and deceiving them about his current dating status. When I addressed his deceptions to him he first lied about it and then he finally became angry, verbally abusive, threatened me, and then we ended things. In the end he did admit some of his lies but he is very foolish, and perhaps I am more, to think I didn't know about all the other “little” lies. Throughout this he has lied to me about what he has said to other people, to my friends, and even small things like what he was doing.

Technically he is a free man and I wish any woman good luck with him but I wouldn't consider him a trustworthy person. As recent as last Thursday morning we were planning a lunch date and to spend this weekend together (I have this saved in emails), as recent as Wednesday night he was sending me flirty notes through the dating site, I have at least one email a day declaring his love for me and Wednesday night on the phone he was professing his feelings for me. We were even planning to try to get pregnant last weekend and this weekend.

Without spilling everything out I just wanted to warn you, and the other women he may be writing to, about his lies and deceptions. Is this really the type of person, and trouble, you'd want in your life? I know what he'd say, the same thing any man who has been caught in multiple lies would say... she's crazy, she's psycho, I never saw her, or a myriad of other deceptions in order to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He's even gone as far as to claim my pictures are not me, we've never met face to face, and he doesn't know Crazygirl is my name. Who proposes to someone they've never met? Who professes their love so strongly to someone they've never seen? The bottom line is that if a person like this would lie to me, he'll lie to you.

I have proof of everything I am writing to you here. I have voice mails, emails, dating site love notes, Facebook messages in the multitudes, wedding contracts, even emails to my father asking to marry me and several other things to prove that everything I am saying is the absolute truth. Just whatever you chose to do with this please be aware of what he is and has done.

Crazyguy comes off as an honest and sincere man but truthfully it's all an act. He has made-up multiple lies to tell people and I wouldn't put it past him again.

If you need to contact me for proof or anything my email is shehonestlygaveher@email.com That email address is also my Facebook.
Thank you and good luck in your search. -Crazygirl

I did respond to her with this:  Thanks for the message but I have no idea who you are speaking of, I don't keep messages once I tell someone I'm not interested. I'm a little shocked that you are surprised though...you were about to get married & were trying to have a baby yet both of you were still on this site (a dating site for single people) last week? That's probably not the best way to be committed to someone. Good luck to you as well, take care!!

I never heard back from crazy girl but it sounds to me like he's not the only one to avoid here, who the eff works on getting pregnant before even getting married? Sure, it happens by mistake all the time that people get pregnant before they get married but I don't know any woman who would choose to be pregnant for their wedding...even if it was only a month, what fun is that? 

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