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Oct 29, 2009

Every 9 year old should be a skank for Halloween!!

Ok, did you guys see the photo of Miley's little 9 year old sister dressed as a whore for Halloween?  I have so many comments & suggestions I don't even know where to start.  First of all I would like to know where she got this outfit & who the hell would make an outfit like this for a kid because that person needs to be shot first & then her parents need to be shot for buying it for her & letting her wear it out of the house.  I mean Jeebus Crisp you can practically see her underoos!  I'm sure that the sponsors on that step & repeat (including the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation) are really happy that a little slut is plastered all over the internet basically representing their organizations.  Toys R Us is on there too, do you think she got her costume there?  I'll bet a lot of parents think that maybe she did & won't be going there for costumes.  It's pretty obvious that their family is country since her parents obviously saw nothing wrong with this, or Miley posing in a creepy pic with dad, or Miley humping a stripper pole I guess whatever brings the dollars is fine by them, they ain't complaining!  Now, my next question is who names their daughter Noah?  Sure, technically it's a unisex name but we all know it's primarily a guy name, I've never met a female Noah or ever even heard of one prior to her but then again...they named their other daughter Miley, what is with these hicks?  Finally, I hate to but have to comment on how fugs this girl is...I thought Miley was unattractive but this poor little girl is 10 times worse & it doesn't help that she's wearing all this makeup or that her fivehead is showing.  I really hope that when she speaks she doesn't sound like an uneducated man like her big sister does!  Hopefully she'll grow a little more into her face as she gets older but who knows maybe she will be a really high earning stripper in a couple years & can fix herself right up.  Bottom line, no little girl should ever dress like this especially in public, her parents need to be shot & Miley needs to retire so that maybe this entire clan will just disappear from the public eye.  To see what others thought check out the article on Us Magazine online.

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