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Oct 2, 2009

So, this Letterman "scandal"...

I don't really think it's a scandal at all. Letterman has had sex with some of his female staff...oh no, who cares? The man was single for like 20 years & single people often tend to sleep with coworkers, it's convenient. Anyway, the scandal I guess is that someone was trying to blackmail him with the dirt about the "terrible things" he has done. Well, Letterman & the DA "paid" the blackmailer $2M (on a fake check) to silence them & then they must have been taken into custody since Letterman had to testify before the grand jury. The article doesn't say if the blackmailer is someone who worked for him or was involved in any sexual activity with him but they apparently had some dirt because they said they wanted to write a screenplay about his behavior. Anyway, I don't really give a shit...do whatever you want so long as you stay funny & deal with your family matters with your family. I do think it is great that he took to his show with his statement rather than letting the info just leak out & for him to be misrepresented in the matter.
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