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Mar 17, 2010

Green Bags

Ok since it's St. Pat's I figured I'd discuss something green today & that item would be Green Bags which are awesome & they really do work, I can get a head of lettuce to last almost 2 weeks, especially if I actually do wipe out the inside of the bag every other day to remove the condensation which ruins the veggies.  Here's my one complaint about them though...they will keep your bananas edible for at least a week if not longer (I bought the one I'm eating on the 7th) but once you get near the end right before they turn all brown & mushy the banana is firm on the inside but the peel shreds & falls apart as you peel the banana.  I have all kinds of issues related to food appearance, texture, and in general things falling apart.  

For example, if I take a paper towel off the roll & it happens to tear in half I will remove the second half from the roll & throw both pieces away & take a fresh one that is 100% in tact.  If someone else takes a paper towel & it leaves a corner behind on the roll I'll pull the corner off & trash it before removing my paper towel.  In the same respect if I open a cup of applesauce or a fruit cup all of the plastic/foil has to be gone before I can eat it.  Yesterday I had this very small piece of foil that was stuck to the edge of my applesauce cup & I spent a good 5 minutes & a thumbnail getting it off of there so I could eat the applesauce.  Another example would be a large burger/sandwich...when everything starts falling out of the sandwich from the other side & all over the plate most times I'm jut done, I won't eat it because I wanted a sandwich not a bunch of meat & bread on a plate.

Back to the banana...I started peeling mine today & and as I did the strip of peel broke off in my hand and yes again it grossed me out.  I was able to move past it & slowly peel the banana from that point on to keep the peel in tact so I could actually eat the damn thing & it was very tasty but a major pain in the ass.  So if you have issues with your banana peel staying in tact make sure you eat them within the first week of them turning yellow!
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