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Mar 29, 2010

Lohan's coke shoes

Apparently (according to popeater.com) Saturday night Lindsay Lohan was leaving a friends party & was seen walking with white powder all over her feet & coming out of her shoes in little puffs as she walked.  While some people like to put some baby powder in their shoes to soak up sweat there's no way anyone would need this much!  I'm assuming (along with most people) that she had some bags of cocaine in her heels & they broke open as she was walking.  I would guess that it would be kind of hard to keep bags of anything from breaking inside a super high heel where your weight isn't evenly distributed.  I mean, she's carrying a huge purse so why not stash your shit in there?  If it is coke I'll bet she went home & found a way to snort it right off of her feet...I watch Intervention, I know how these people are!  Maybe that's what LL needs, to be on Intervention or celeb rehab with Dr. Drew, because she's on a road to nowhere.
photo courtesy of styleite.com
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