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Apr 26, 2010

Bret Michaels apparently not doing well...

I just heard about this but apparently Bret Michaels (front man of Poison) recently suffered a brain hemorrhage on Thursday night.  The 47 year old singer & current contestant on Celebrity Apprentice is under 24 hour doctor care & as of yesterday they were looking for the source of the bleeding.  It is believed that this is related to the minor head injury he received last year when he was hit with a part of a stage setup at the Tony Awards.  

Bret is suffering from slurred speech, blurred vision, and dizziness and according to Donald Trump (who has been in touch with Bret's doctors) Bret is "in big, big trouble & the prognosis is not great".  All of the people around him know that he is a fighter and are staying positive and optimistic that he will come out of this and be back at 100% soon.  More testing will be going on this week to attempt to locate the source of the bleeding which will help to determine his future.

His tour manager has been posting to Bret's blog & thanking all of his fans and friends for all of their support and outpouring of concern for him.  For more on Trump's thoughts click here
photo courtesy of usweekly.com
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