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Apr 7, 2010

Spirit Airlines kills the spirit of travel

So in an attempt to speed up the deplaning process Spirit Airlines will now charge $30-$45 per carry on bag starting August 1st.  We will be allowed a laptop and a bag that fits under the seat for free (which is how I travel) but for all of those fools who are trying to skirt paying to check a bag & cramming their roller bag into the overhead they will no longer get away with it.

I hate the long ass process of deplaning as I never use the overhead bin and the people who do are always the first up in the aisle trying to get their bags out while elbowing others on the plane.  Personally I think every airline should announce when it is time to get off the plane "anyone who has items stored in the overhead please remain seated at this time, all others please leave the aircraft" and then once all of us lite travelers are off the plane which would only take 2 minutes then all the douche bags using the overheads (it's men 90% of the time) could take their sweet old time getting their bags down & elbowing each other!

Don't you hate it when you are in line to get off of the plane & you finally get cruising & some dude steps out in the aisle in front of you & starts digging through the bins looking for his bag, has shit set on the aisle floor & trying to get himself organized?  I just always stand there & give them dirty looks thinking "if you aren't organized don't hold up everyone else", it's just so rude!  How hard is it for people who need more time to wait for those who don't?  I also love the chick who is politely waiting to exit & then they give you a look as you are coming that sweetly says "can I get out here" so you let them out & then they set down the misleading book bag they were holding in the aisle & start pulling their bag out of the overhead.  Who does that?  If a line is moving & you aren't ready to actually move then you need to wait!

I also learned that Spirit is the king of fees...they charge you a fee for booking online, they charge you for all of your bags even carry on, and as the radio said this morning they basically charge more fees for services that people use most.  Most other airlines give a discount for purchasing your flight online but since everyone does Spirit thought "charge em"!  The only way you can avoid paying a fee is by actually purchasing your ticket at the ticket counter at the airport!
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