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Apr 5, 2010

A ranting I will go!

Attention everyone: nobody owes you anything!

I'm so over knowing so may ungrateful, tacky, self serving people...it's really getting out of hand. Me & my friends & the majority of the people I know are over the age of 30 which means that high school & ideas of marrying someone rich are gone & it's time to step up & take responsibility for yourself!

If you can't pay your bills then get a job, if you can't afford to go on a trip with your friends then don't go, if you can't be bothered to make a dish to pass then don't show up at the potluck looking for something to eat. I don't know if it's just the economic times that are causing this but I've noticed so many greedy bastards lately bitching about how effed up their life is & blaming someone else. Look, it may not be your fault that you got laid off from your job with no hope of returning but I can tell you that it's not your coworker or boss' fault either. Sure, you can sulk for a few days but then it's time to get up, get moving & find a new job, not find someone else to take care of you.

Do you guys have those people (mostly women) in your life who you have heard complain about their significant other, every friend & family member they have, every coworker? I know those people and after I hear them complain about how everyone is fucked up & out to get them & how crazy all of these people are behaving all I can think is "dude, YOU are the common denominator" like does it ever occur to these people that it's them, not every single person around them?

What about the over reactors, you know the one who says that a coworker stole hours from them & you come to find out later that the coworker simply requested the OT prior to your friend doing it but of course the friend still thinks that bitch is trying to steal her job.

I just always wonder, what color glasses do these people see the world through? Why can't they ever see that they are the problem, that they aren't all that so there's no reason for people to try to sabotage them? Is this something that starts when they are kids? I mean, I'm an only child so I know that I can be difficult at times because I don't compromise, I do things my way & if you don't like it I don't care, I almost always get my way & when I don't I act like a 3 year old and it's because I always got everything I wanted growing up. I never had to share or compromise or do anything that I didn't want to do & I pretty much expect it to be the same now that I'm grown...hence the reason I'm still single but I know it's because of me, not because some stupid guy had other interests & was trying to screw me over. Even though I always secretly wanted to marry someone rich my mom always told me that it was most important in life to learn to take care of myself first because men aren't there to take care of you, if they choose to then great but if they then turn around & leave you, you are already well prepared & know that you can take care of yourself. I also think that most men would rather be with a woman who can take care of herself & isn't just with him for the sake of needing to be taken care of.

I recently heard a story of a 10 year old little girl who is friends with my friends daughter. This little girl never has money when she comes to hang out with my friends daughter so my friend is always shelling out cash for this little girl & my friend doesn't exactly have the extra cash to begin with. Well a couple weeks back the little girl came & spent the night with my friend & her daughter & they went out to the movies & to eat & of course the little girl didn't have any cash so my friend had to pay. To make matters worse, the little girl was staying because her mom called my friend & asked if she could take her because she had plans (yes she asked for a favor & sent the kid with no $). After everything my friend had to take the little girl home as well & when she got out of the car my friend said "you're welcome Name" and the little girl said "ok, bye". Now you tell me...whose fault is that? You got it, it's moms! Mom never has any money so everyone is always taking care of her and taking care of her daughter as well, not her. This little girl assumes that it's normal that other people pay, and because of that she doesn't appreciate what is being done for her; obviously, if she can't be bothered to say thank you. I feel really bad for this little girl...when she grows up she's going to be that bitch I mentioned above, the one who thinks that men & the universe owe her something & it's pretty sad when these girls get to the age when their friends are taking care of themselves while they are searching for their prince because they are always negative & miserable & they do their damnedest to take their friends down with them.

I just want to say right now that I choose not to help those who ask for help when I know damn well they can help themselves if they try. By helping people like that it just furthers their ideas that the world owes them something when the world doesn't owe anyone anything & if you want a change in your life it is your responsibility to change it, nobody else. Personally I feel that we all get one "why did this happen to me, life sucks, how will I ever get by, someone please help me" card and once you are back on your feet you are never to ask for help like that again. Asking for small help here & there "hey can I borrow $20 to print resumes", "can you give me a ride to work" etc, is perfectly acceptable just don't take my $20 & go spend the day drinking by the pool!

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