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Apr 13, 2010

Never Quit Quitting!

That's my motto right about now as I am 17 days away from quitting smoking again.  Myself, Michelle at work, cousin Shell, Wendy, and Jason are all saying "EAD" to cigarettes!  Michelle & myself are going on the Chantix...this is my second time & her first but I'm really looking forward to quitting & hopefully for good.  What I'm not looking forward to is the nausea & effed up dreams.  Michelle is pissed that she has to eat with it because well...she doesn't eat much, especially in the morning and that's when you take it (with breakfast & with dinner).  The fact that people in Michigan will no longer be able to smoke in bars & restaurants will be a big help for me because that's what triggered me most in the past...sitting at a bar looking at all of these people smoking & then after 3 beers I'd want one & I'd be too buzzed to stop myself & bum one.  Well I finally turned the corner to buying them & while I smoke about half what I used to I'd rather not smoke at all.  I'm very happy that I will no longer be coming home from the bar reeking of smoke (yes as a smoker I could notice it) and having to Febreeze my jacket & Dry Clean Only my hair...what a pain in the ass that is.  I'm sure there are so many non-smokers who are happy that they can go out without coming home smelly & making their house smell.  I'll be happy to get rid of the smell in my house & no, my friends will not be allowed to smoke in there unless it's raining/snowing but then they have to stand in front of the exhaust fan & make sure all the smoke is sucked out. 

I do know some smokers who have said to me "once this law is passed I'm not going out anymore, it's cheaper to drink at home anyway".  I think that is pretty stupid to throw your social life away for something that could potentially kill you.  I do somewhat see where they are coming from like "eff this, screw you, this is bull shit, stop discriminating" but dudes...you know what we do is unhealthy, can kill others, it stinks, it's expensive...it's stupid but not as stupid as saying you are now going to be a shut in.  Anyway, I hope others take this no smoking in public opportunity to heart & decide to stop smoking in private too.  Those who choose to continue have that right & I will not give them shit for it but for those who are willing to quit, I will give all the support I can!
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Lynnie said...

catching up on your blog. wish you luck!