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Apr 28, 2010

Bullock is a mom?

According to the new issue of People Magazine & the exclusive interview Sandra gave she has officially filed for divorce from her nasty ass cheating husband of 5 years, Jesse James.  Well, that's not the big news...we are pretty much over that by now, but 4 years ago Sandra & Jesse began the process of adopting a baby & guess what?  Sandra got the baby boy 3 and a half months ago!  The baby Louis Bardo Bullock (not James) was born in New Orleans and Sandra is now in the process of finalizing the adoption as a single parent as Jesse is a total douche bag & obviously blew his chances of being a parent (yet again) by screwing a bunch of nasty ass sluts.  The entire family, including Jesse's kids have all been keeping the information about the adoption under wraps since day one though I'm sure the last 3 months have been really hard given the fact that a tangible baby has been in their presence...or at least Sandra's presence.  I don't know anything about whether or not Jesse's kids are still in touch with Sandra but hopefully they are able to maintain the bond they built without having to involve Jesse in any of it.  For more click here or pick up the new issue of People on Friday for the whole article & many more photos!!
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