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Apr 9, 2010

Holy heart attack without a bun!!

Jeebus Crisp dudes, I saw this today on Twitter thanks to Jamie Oliver & I think I gained weight just reading the "nutrition" information.  First of all I'd like to note that I don't think the word nutrition should be used to describe food that isn't nutritious.  Maybe it should read "notrition information" since it's NOT nutritious, just a suggestion.  Ok so anyway the name of the sandwich is The Double Down and when I first read the name I thought of Swingers of course but then I looked at it & started reading & all I was wondering was if this was made from Tracy Jordan's Meat Machine?  On the episode of 30 Rock (The Rural Juror) where Tracy decides to put his name on a product to make money he comes up with the genius idea of the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine which "makes meat the new bread".  Here is a clip from the infomercial in which he is trying to sell his item.
Anyway, to me it seems that this "sandwich" from KFC is a joke, but when you look at the notritional content of said "sandwich" it isn't a joke, it's a freaking death threat!  It's so odd that just yesterday I was watching the Rural Juror episode & dying laughing over meat as bread & then today...it's a reality.  What has this world come to?
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1 comment:

AMCnowB said...

First of all lol at Tracy Jordan and that entire episode. But KFC is amazing! I can't believe they would ruin their grilled chicken healthy campaign with something like this!