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Apr 7, 2010

Not sure how to tell your parents they won't be grandparents?

Check out this article from WikiHow on how to defend your choice not to have children.  To me it's sad to read #4 because I can't imagine anyone in my family grieving if I chose not to have kids but I do know a couple guys who are last in line to carry on the family name & they tell me that they HAVE TO breed even though they really don't want to.  I always say that just because you are the last in your particular family to carry on the name doesn't mean that there aren't other people out there with your name so who cares & it's not just a males job to carry on a name.  If I as a female were the last "Smith" I would keep my name & if I had a son I'd give him my last name to carry on, and just because you give your son the name to carry on who's to say that he won't change it at some point in his life?  Nobody has to live with their given name, even if they are the last one with it; having a kid that you don't really want just to carry on your name isn't a very good reason to have one!
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