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Dec 12, 2008

Bettie Page Dies at 85

Bettie Page is by far the most memorable pin-up model to ever exist and she died yesterday in the hospital where she had been for a few weeks after suffering a heart attack and pneumonia. Her images and films, I'm certain, will continue to wow people for decades to come. Bettie was in Playboy magazine in 1955 as the Playmate of the month in January when the magazine was still getting started. She had a short lived career in the 50's before she became "born again" and quit the business. She was certainly controversial for her time but without her, who knows where women would be today. It's people like her who push the envelope regardless of how others think of them and they (whether they know it or not) pave the way for others to make their own choices and have more options throughout their lives. Bettie will certainly be missed but never forgotten!! For the full article from E! click here.
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