"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Dec 16, 2008


So while performing in Rio it was super rainy outside & though Madonna had an umbrella guy he could only keep up when she was standing still. Basically, Madonna was dancing in the rain & fell on her ass & oddly enough it was during "She's Not Me" and let me tell ya, it took some cool points from her. I think it is perfect karma for her to fall on her ass while singing about how freaking awesome she is. As much as I love her she did some shitty stuff to Guy & their family & I think this was just a bit of karmic retribution. Check the video below, it's pretty funny!! It's kind of long but she falls about a minute into it :) I also noticed during my searches for this video that she has tripped before & almost fallen before during the same song...maybe she should give that one up!! She falls a lot actually but is pretty good about covering it up...a true dancer, you never stop, the show must go on!!

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