"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Dec 2, 2008

For The Record

I'm an idiot! This is what I got from Britney's documentary that she made to "clear the air" to show that she's really not crazy & that's she's smart & a good person. You know what? She is dumb as a box of rocks! Watching this documentary was like watching an interview with Sarah Palin...she tried so hard to sound so smart all the time that she sounded even more stupid! My favorite quote from the show (in reference to traveling all the time & having no time for herself) "first you fly to Paris, then you fly to Europe, it's crazy". Seriously? She's separating Paris from Europe? Is it it's own continent? I laughed my ass off throughout this whole show from her calling Kevin "my baby's daddy" when speaking to a dancer from a Broadway show to "people shave their head all the time" in reference to her shaving her own. Now, the girl still has great moves, she seems to be a good mom, well at least she did in the 3 minutes her kids were on the show, and she didn't seem as crazy as she did in the past but she wonders why she is so heavily stalked by the paps! Well Brit, you are stalked by the paps because you do stupid & crazy shit all the effing time!! Obviously the whole thing was a publicity stunt since her new album is coming out but I guess I just have to say that she sounded like she wanted people to feel sorry for her, awww poor millionaire girl. All I have to say is that if she hates fame so much she needs to stop making records & appearing on TV, hello! Oh, I forgot to mention her dad...Jamie Spears=White Trash as he's standing at the stove making his baby girl some cheesy grits in his wife beater!! The whole family is a mess, bottom line & this documentary only makes it more obvious.
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1 comment:

Paul said...

The "cheesy grits" is the only part that I saw. Too bad it was the first thing I saw. I got up and walked away after 5 minutes.