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Dec 30, 2008

Bromance = Brody Jenner is Gay

Ok kids, last night I caught bits & pieces of the not so highly anticipated new MTV series "Bromance" where reality star/son of athletic celeb, Brody Jenner is looking for a new BFF. First of all the name says it all and while by definition the word Bromance is a non-sexual relationship between two straight men that are unusually close this whole show points to GAY! Now like I said I didn't see the whole ep though I did DVR it & plan to watch it to further analyze the severe homosexual nature of the show but the only thing I really needed to see was the elimination, portion of the show. Let me explain it for you...so Brody (who mentions numerous times how every woman wants him) tells the guys that someone is going to be eliminated & he's going to the hot tub to think it over & once he's made his decision ALL the guys are to meet him in the hot tub & he'll tell them who got cut. I'm sorry but dude, a bunch of guys in bathing suits in a hot tub fighting to "be with" Brody Jenner...that sounds pretty gay to me. Am I wrong here? Feel free to check out the site at MTV.com & you can watch full episodes & decide for yourself!!
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