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Dec 1, 2008

Beyond Full

Ok so the holiday was good for me but not for my waistline! I ate so much food over the 4 days that I was off it probably could have fed a small nation. After having the feast on Thursday I attended a memorial for a dear friend's mother & the food there was also killer & a buffet so I over stuffed myself yet again, then that night I ate a pizza. Saturday & Sunday I did my best to "eat well" but ended up cleaning out the fridge & feasting on things like corn dogs, tacos, and chicken fingers. I fully plan to go to the gym after work today...assuming I can get through the door! I am eating my lunch now & it's good but I know I'll still be hungry when it's gone, it's definitely going to take a few days for my stomach to re-adjust to smaller portions.

Speaking of the holiday weekend, I heard some of the awful stories of Black Friday. One Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when he opened the doors & when the store had to close due to the death people were actually pissed off!! In another store in CA 2 men ended up shooting & killing each other initially because of something involving their women getting in a fight over some toy or something & then they started chasing each other shooting & ended up dead. Again, the store had to close & people were pissed!! What the eff has this nation come to? This my friends is why I don't do black Friday...I'm small & don't need to get run over just to buy some video game unit or some shuch shit.
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