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Dec 4, 2008

Strange Realization

I had the most strange realization yesterday...it has been almost 11 months since I quit smoking & now when I'm on the road I've replaced my bad habit with road rage! Yesterday I went to Dearborn after work & when I left the office it was raining & had just started & it was probably about 39 or 40 degrees out & everyone was going 35. The speed limit on Southfield is 55 so I was totally irate! I was cussing at the lady in front of me from Southfield to Dearborn which took 40 minutes instead of 25. I could not get around her & she was keeping 3 lengths between her & the car in front of her...I on the other hand was leaving about a 1/4 car length & at one point was so irritated I wanted to just gun it & drive right up the ass end of her G6. My car is terrible in the winter so if I'm not having any problems then nobody else should, bottom line. It totally hit me though that before when traffic was backed up I'd just light up another smoke, that passes the time just fine but now I just need to leave & arrive STAT. Doug suggested I take a couple Ativan before getting on the freeway but then I'd be afraid I'd just pass out at the wheel. What's to do now? I guess it's probably better than smoking though so I'll just adjust...sooner or later!
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