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Dec 30, 2008

The City vs. The Hills

I'll admit it right now, I prefer The City to The Hills hands down. I know we only got 2 episodes so far but the best part about the show is the fact that Heidi & Spencer aren't on it & that Olivia Polermo (sp) girl is doing a great job at making a fool of herself on TV!! I am going to say that I find Whitney more interesting than Lauren, don't get me wrong I like Lauren & all but Whitney is much more level headed & actually had to work to get where she is unlike Lauren who seems to have had things just given to her all of her life. So I totally agreed with Kelly when she told Whitney that she maybe can't trust either of those guys & being a new girl in NYC, I wouldn't trust anybody!! Jay kind of reminds me of an East Coast Justin Bobby because he acts like he's "too cool" for the city & I hate those people. He is hot though, I'll give him that & when that other guy was telling her that he heard that Jay was trying to get back with his ex I would have told him that it didn't matter, even if he did so what? They haven't decided to be an exclusive couple so really, they both have the right to date & sleep with whomever they choose!!! Anyway, I can't wait for the rest of the season to play out as I'm sure that plenty of drama will ensue!!

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