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Dec 16, 2008

Douche Marry's Fake Boobs

So, did you guys catch the Hills? Of course I did, you all know that I’m an embarrassed junkie! Now, here is what I had to say to my co-worker regarding the whole shebang:

So it wasn't true that Heidi was drugged like her mom thought...she was just wasted! Her comment "a lot a bit" in reference to how much she drank...that's how I would want to remember my wedding...you aren't supposed to get hammered until the reception, oh but that's right, they didn't have one!! Now, I was confused, did they get married at like 6 am or something? They were wasted on Patron at dinner & then hung-over & married the next morning, yet they married in daylight...I was very confused. I so agree about his nasty ass facial hair, he could have at least trimmed the stache so it wasn't curling over his upper lip; it was driving me crazy!

Those 2 are just sick & I can't wait for Whitney's show mainly because the Pratt's won't be on it!!! Oh, I also loved his repeated comments about how he wants her all to himself...only proving the point of everyone!! She even looked right at the camera at one point when he said something about being obsessed with her, maybe she thought the crew would save her, lol.

I don’t normally watch the after show but I happened to catch the beginning and when they showed the clip of Spencer talking Heidi into it & saying it should be just "us" for "us" with only "us" all about "us" and they kept showing the cover of Us magazine? It was hysterical!!

My favorite part of the whole episode though was Justin telling Stephanie to put up posters!!! I hit rewind like twice & was dying laughing.

This clip from Chelsea Lately about sums it up!!

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