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Jun 4, 2009

Jimmy Won A Cougar!

So I admit that I did watch the first season of The Cougar on TV Land & while I watched it sporadically I got the gist & had to catch the finale to see which of the young lads Stacey would pick! I wasn't too keen on any of the guys really but when it came down to the final 3 I picked my favorite & he won! Way to go Jimmy who is a personal trainer & has the body to prove it, he's 24 & just a couple years older than Stacey's oldest kid, strange but true. Her 4 kids really liked Jimmy & seemed to take to him almost instantly & though he seemed douchey in the beginning of the show he started to grow on Stacey once he showed his true colors. Colt who was the non-winner last night was very upset when he learned the news but he was pretty cool & of course at the age of 25 he has plenty of time to find a new cougar or maybe even a girl his own age :) Jimmy proposed to Stacey at the end which actually seemed to really surprise her so while I KNOW Jimmy didn't pay for the ring (HUGE & gorgeous) I don't know if Stacey saw a proposal coming but she did say yes so we'll see what happens there.
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ilovecolt94 said...

Dear Honest to Blog
Please get brain and Jimmy too. He have spikey hair, I do like the spikey hair, but he have no brain. You two be friends forever. I want Colt to win, he seem better for the Stacey, or the "cougar." His song really moved me, and I want to have it recorded in major studio and sent to China, my home. I love Beyonce "halo," is such good song.
Need a pedicure?

Amanda said...

I actually went to school with Jimmy for a long time, and while I knew him, he WAS douchey. Bit of a trip to watch him win, but I guess I was rootin for him too.