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Jun 8, 2009

So Maybe It Wasn't Suicide...

Photos were released (assumed by the Bangkok police) of David Carradine hanging in the closet of his hotel room now I didn't look at the photos but they were described on the radio this morning. Here's the gist & my conclusion...so when I first heard about the "suicide" & then heard that he was nude & hanging in his closet my brain went right to auto-erotic asphyxiation ala Michael Hutchence of INXS but when I heard the description this morning I'm thinking maybe not. I don't believe that he was murdered because his hands were tied together over his head & were also tied to the same rope that was around his neck but there was no bruising or sign of a fight. Obviously being tied up the way he was would make it impossible for him to masturbate while being hung in the closet as well. I've decided that he had a hooker in his room & got her to tie him up & likely give him some oral pleasure & during the process he died & the hooker likely bailed once she realized that he was dead & left him to be found by the maid. Well, as sad as this news is it leads me to believe that at least he died happy!!
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