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Jun 23, 2009

Today's Updates

Hey all, I'm feeling lazy & am not really in the mood to blog so I'll just fill you in real quick on what is going on:

Ed McMahon died at the age of 86, he was hospitalized in February & that's where he died just after midnight. Ed will certainly be missed, not only by the Carson fans but by anyone who was hoping to win the PCH Sweepstakes! I know Ed's family & friends will miss his bright spirit dearly & my heart goes out to them in this sad time.

In brighter news: SJP & MB had their twins. Now, is it just me or did you think that they just picked the surrogate like a month ago? Anyway, no names have been released yet & I hope they pick good ones! I'm very curious to see what these kids will look like because even though I love both of them, they are both very unattractive & most of the time 2 uglies make a cutie so let's hope! *Note, 4:30PM, they named the kids Marion & Tabitha...sounds like a kids book of some sort to me like Marion & Tabitha go to the theater...I don't care for them but they could be MUCH worse!
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