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Jun 16, 2009

Team Roker!

Did you guys catch the Roker/Montag battle on The Today Show? Didn't think so...here's the deal. Al asked Heidi real questions which she dodged & he didn't let it fly, made her answer them & that apparently hurt her feelings. She said that she was "attacked" and that Al Roker likes being "rude to women" and no part of anything Al said was rude to women, he was being honest with her & asking them both questions that people want answered like why is Spencer such a jerk & what's with all the Jesus crap. Speidi are crazy if they think the American public will side with them rather than Al, their fame is all in their heads & they don't get that those of us who watch them on shows are secretly hoping they spontaneously combust & we get to see it live! I wonder if there is some sort of petition we can sign to get them banned from TV forever, like a PPO for entertainment, it would be great!!!

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