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Jun 22, 2009

Perez Gets the Beat Down!

So Perez got hit by Will.I.Am, no wait by Polo Molina, no wait, by a fan of the Black Eyed Peas. Who really cares who hit him? He got hit...for running his mouth & calling Will (of all things) a faggot. Seriously, what self respecting gay man would ever call someone that word? Did Will call him the N word? Nope, so why the 5 year old name calling? Also, if someone did hit him why didn't he hit back? I totally find many things amusing...Perez was twittering during the whole thing & asking his followers to call the police (faster to call himself), Perez's real name is Mario, he claims that he doesn't want or need this drama yet he certainly never hesitates to get his face in the media, and he rambles on and on for 11 minutes in this video where he tells his side of the story (full with lots more name calling). The best part is he says that he was being followed out of the club by BEP & then back to the hotel too before he notes "where they were also staying" and he's freaking out that they were following him & what if they had a gun? Dude, when you are staying in the same hotel it's not really being followed! Now, I would love to watch the Will.I.Am video as well but I haven't received my "confirmation email" so I can't view it but you can get the gist from this article here. Perez said that he has never had something like this happen & he's been doing this for 5 years...to that I say "congrats, I would have thought it would have happened long ago". I mean seriously, fighting is never the way to go but guess what? Fighting happens & drawing blood for "no reason" happens daily so my suggestion is that instead of crying & turning to your website to complain that you just buck up, accept responsibility for your side of what happened & maybe take a self defense class. Regardless of who hit who Perez has to know that he at the very least provoked a reaction & though it shouldn't have been a physical one it was & he has to deal with it.
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