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Jun 11, 2009

Kendra Is Pregnant, Does This Scare Anyone Else?

Ok so the other day I learned that Kendra Wilkinson & her beau Hank Baskett are expecting a baby (due on Christmas). Now, I watched the first episode of her new show "Kendra" and if her style of parenting is anything like her style of throwing a housewarming party that kid is screwed! Basically when she had her housewarming party her furniture & decor consisted of a bed on the floor in her room & a stripper pole in the FAMILY room. She went grocery shopping & said "I didn't know food was so expensive", she also said that when she saw the house it was full of furniture & she thought it would all be left behind for her! Hello, did your agent tell you it came furnished? Didn't you ever go grocery shopping with your mom as a kid? How much did you get ripped off when you bought the house?

On the plus side, Hank seems grounded & intelligent & street smart so hopefully he can help mold Kendra into a person who is a little more aware of reality. Living in the Playboy mansion is nothing like not living there & the sooner she wakes up & figures that out the better off she'll be.

photo courtesy of msn movies
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