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Jun 17, 2009

Team Letterman!

Ok, I'm sure more of you are aware of the controversy around David Letterman & Sarah Palin & the tacky yet funny joke(s) he told about her daughter Bristol Palin (18) being impregnated by A-Rod (33) while in town for a Yankees game. Basically Dave told a joke about Bristol getting knocked up by A-Rod which is fitting since he's a dog & Bristol did get knocked up at a young age...I don't see how a joke is any more "disgusting" than the truth! I feel as though Palin is embarrassed by her daughter being a slut & a young unwed mother so she chose to try to direct the attention away from those FACTS claiming that the joke was about raping her 14 year old daughter (she obviously has too many kids if she didn't get the joke). I also think that Sarah is just trying to remain in the spotlight, she was on American Chopper for Christ's sake! Anyway, I think Sarah needs to get off the Moose she rode in on (and then shot) and just continue being a clueless dip shit. If she is going to make a point of calling Letterman out for his jokes she should probably not jump the gun as to what they are referencing. My biggest issue with all of this crap is that all these dip shit people are bombarding the Late Show studio demanding that Letterman lose his job. Are you effing kidding me? You want someone to lose a job because they told a joke that pissed someone else off? I don't understand the logic of the American people anymore, well at least the Republicans. Can I also say that these people going on and on about Dave joking about raping a 14 year old girl & how disgusting it is should acknowledge the fact that Palin accepted Dave's apology (probably because she knew she was wrong) & they should too. Check out the video below that shows the protest going on outside the studio & look at how many people are just as stupid as Palin & obviously are believing what they are told rather than the truth. Please follow this link to get the whole story (from Huffington Post) & to see the video of Letterman clarifying & apologizing for the joke(s) which he also re-tells to get the point across.

photo courtesy of tvguide.com
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