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Jun 28, 2008

You Want ME To Stop Shopping?

I'm a recycler & I believe in conserving energy & doing my part to make my footprint on the earth smaller and I saw an interview with this guy on MSNBC regarding his group "the compact" and while the idea of everything he's doing is great I just don't understand how it's practical? The point (at least of the Michigan group) is to end consumerism which in turn would make the economy even worse off than before, right? I just don't understand how not shopping for anything new helps any of us, other than the earth. You can't very well replace your air filter in your car with a used one, nor can you stop buying feminine hygiene products, I don't know about you but used food seems pretty unsanitary & nasty. I live in an apartment so I cannot grow my own veggies, or raise my own cow in there. Sure some people would suggest becoming a vegetarian but that will never happen, no way, no how. As I think about it sure there are all kinds of things that I could buy used on Craig's List & eBay (which I do) but there are a lot of things that I can't, or I don't have the time to wait for them to be shipped. Sure I could have probably gotten that hot dress I just bought on eBay instead of in the store, but then I couldn't have worn it that night. Also, I just moved to a new apartment & needed all kinds of new things so you mean to tell me that I was just supposed to go without oven mitts until I could get them used? I'm all about taking canvas bags to stores, recycling all packaging, I grow my own herbs, I unplug most of my appliances when I am away from home, I did buy some cute throw pillows at a yard sale, and to me these things are practical, but not buying anything new for 12 months is impossible. Used beer really isn't something I'm interested in nor is used oil when I get my oil change but I will do what I can to think about whether or not I need an item right now before I buy it. Usually, it's not that I could get it used but rather the fact that I don't actually need it at all which stops me from buying it & saves me money. Basically, if we all stopped shopping then we would all lose our jobs...if nothing is being bought that means nothing is being sold which also means that nothing is being made or delivered or used which would cause our demise, bottom line. I say use less, recycle, buy used when you can, and don't spend all of your free time thinking about how you are ruining the environment, take time to enjoy it while we still have it. Oh, one more thing...these activists need to stop flying all over the world promoting their ideas, & doing interviews, do an eConference because the gas you are using for each flight is polluting the world way more than me buying a new shirt.

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