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Jul 1, 2008

Fun on the Tittabawassee River

So we headed up to the Gladwin area for ladies weekend this past weekend. Me, my aunt, my cousins, Wendy, and my uncle (poor man) did some major bonding. Well, uncle Skip didn’t really participate in the bonding, he did quite a bit of avoiding, as he should have. You would have thought that we were a group of recent 21 year olds by the way we were behaving. We arrived Friday night (after driving through a typhoon) around 9:30 & had a couple beers & called it a night fairly early. Saturday we woke up early, before 9 early & had some donuts & coffee & then made our way out to the deck. At about 11 am Wendy said these 3 magic words “let’s get drunk” and so the mayhem began. Wendy & Skip went to the store to grab some pucker so we could do some shots, we mixed that pucker with vodka & us 5 gals drank the whole bottle of pucker in a matter of about 40 minutes. Just as this fun was completed Marvin from down the river rolled up on his pontoon & the ladies boarded the boat. We went for a ride & continued drinking, when we got back from the ride it started to rain so me & Shell decided to have some fun like when we were kids. We ran down the dock & did a cannonball into the river & went swimming, it was so much fun!! Steph flashed us & after the swim we went in to take showers & I heard Wendy say “I’ve never showered drunk before” to which I said “well then, be careful”! So, we showered & then bbq’d & then went to the store for more alcohol…it rained during our trip so when we returned we were so hit by that point we didn’t drink any of the stuff we picked up. We all went to bed by midnight & were up on Sunday before 9. Oddly, I felt fine & so did everyone else I think. Nobody puked, 3 of us have large bruises we can’t explain, and I drew nipples on Shell’s bathing suit so all in all it was a great way to really kick off the summer!!

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