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Jan 15, 2009

America is fat, big shock

So I was reading the Yahoo article on the worst foods in America yesterday & was very disappointed to learn that Chili's cut the Awesome Blossom from the menu! Granted this item has 1,700+ calories but it was still good & I don't know anyone who ate the whole thing themselves, hence the term appetizer. I noticed in the article a link to another article in Men's Health about healthy food that isn't healthy and you know what? I've decided that nothing is healthy, you can always find someone who will tell you that the organic strawberry you are about to eat is bad for you for one reason or another so I say just freaking eat! Don't eat too much fast food, regardless of what you are ordering, don't eat too much candy sugar free or not, drink less regular or change to diet pop, drink light beer, and exercise...if you follow these rules you won't get super fat & you will die a much happier not to mention full person :) After reading all this crap today I say if you are standing in line at your local Starbucks trying to decide whether to get the bran muffin or the chocolate one get the freaking chocolate one because you are only saving a handful of calories the other way. If you are going to indulge I say indulge just don't do it every day & stop reading all of these articles everywhere on what to eat & what not to eat...we all truly know what not to eat & the key is eating that stuff in moderation.
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