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Jan 5, 2009

Hope My DVR is Ready

Ok so today begins the winter viewing for myself & other TV addicts and I can't wait for some of these shows to start!! Today Gossip Girl comes back & thank God because I tend to have withdrawals from that one but I think that's it for my Monday other than The City. Tomorrow Nip Tuck starts & I've really been dying waiting for this one...I've watched it from the beginning & it's one of the most interesting shows on TV not to mention a real envelope pusher when it comes to their highly sexualized story lines. Staying on the FX line I'm very much looking forward to Wednesday's premiere of the second season of Damages which stars Glen Close as an evil lawyer bitch who will stop at nothing not even murder to get what she wants. Just like Nip Tuck this show is dark & mysterious & confusing...if this season is like the first one it will start at the end with a major question & via the back & forth story flopping will end with an answer. Now, FX is one of my favorite networks mainly because they don't do reruns but what sucks about that is you get X amount of shows & when it's over you have to wait like 9 months for it to come back!

So, next week I think it is Big Love comes back to HBO & that's a show that I love & on Showtime we have The L Word (see countdown on right side of page) & Secret Diary of a Call Girl as well as the premiere of a new show United States of Tara. This show looks good & stars Toni Collett & John Corbett and is basically about a mom/wife who suffers from MPD & has 4 different personalities so I totally plan to check it out. I think of everything that is coming on I'm most excited for L Word...it's the last season which makes me sad but I'm just dying to find out who killed Jenny!!
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