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Jan 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson Is Fat, Probably From All The Chili!

Ok so it was reported that Jessica Simpson had gained some weight and her sister was all pissed that Fox News would report such awful things. Well, personally, it's not the fact that she stopped working on her arms or chose to wear such un-flattering clothing, it's the fact that all of this was discovered at her most recent "concert" which took place at a freaking chili cook-off in Florida?! I could care less if she ate the whole lot of Little Debbie snacks at the grocery store, because the less skinny girls there are running around the better I look but WTF happened to this chicks career? If I had to go from being an "it" girl to performing at chili cook-offs, I'd retire!! To see all the pics click here and to read her sister's opinion, click here.

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