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Jan 8, 2009

Exploiting Kids

Ok, have you all seen this? Personally I think it's sick & disgusting. When you look at all the comments everyone just thinks this is the cutest thing, well I don't. Teaching a 3 year old (she obviously didn't learn it on her own) to mimic a grown ass married woman who is singing about things that a small child doesn't need to know about is disturbing & poor parenting if you ask me. Sure, the kid has moves but she doesn't need to be dancing around to Put A Ring On It, why not put her in dance classes where she can learn how to dance to music that is appropriate for kids? Sure, little kids acting grown up can be funny & cute but watching a little girl slap her own ass and dance around on camera is not cute, yes I laughed watching it, but more because I couldn't believe that any parent would do that. My guess is that they are hoping that Ellen will see the video & have her on the show because it's so adorable but all that proves is that they are using their child to try get ahead which is also sick & twisted. I discussed this with a friend of mine who caught her daughter a few years ago dancing in their computer room so she took video of it & her daughter didn't know, well she posted it on You Tube thinking it was cute & funny & some gross pervert left an "I'd tap that" message...she was 7!! Posting videos like this (they have numerous ones of this girl) on sites like You Tube is only feeding into the child molester mind set, it's just a bad idea all around & I wish parents would stop doing this to their kids, it's not cute & it's not safe either, wake up & take a look at the world today, do you really want your little girl plastered all over some creepy guys computer? I don't even like kids & I find this just sick & wrong!!
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