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Jan 27, 2009

Best & Worst of the SAG's

Ok so I’m a couple days behind but I’ve been busy!! I have to say that the SAG awards are one of my favorite shows mainly because they are short & they don’t give technical awards, it’s all about the actors which is who I tune in to see. I was only able to catch a little bit of the red carpet so I had to watch the show to see what people were wearing. Now, it was hard to come up with only a top 3 this year so I have my favorite 4 ladies, my least favorite 4 ladies with a couple extra nods to those who were a mess but not a hot mess. I have 3 hot men & 1 train wreck…really, it’s hard to pick good/bad when it comes to the men because they all wear pretty much the same outfit!

My Best Dressed Ladies are as follows:

Claire Danes, although she needs to eat something
Diane Lane
Jenna Fischer, now she didn’t look awesome but she looked the best she’s ever looked so I have to give her props for that.
Evan Rachel Wood was actually my favorite, I don’t know if I like her but I really liked her dress/hair/accessories

My Best Dressed Men are as follows:

Brad Pitt, less the stache & I give him props for his pocket square matching his girls dress
Will Arnett
Anthony Hopkins was my favorite, very classic

Now, for the WORST of the worst:


Sad to say Angelina Jolie, I love her but was not feeling her boring blue dress & awful up-do
Amy Adams, the front of her dress looked like it had a tumor on it
Eva Longoria, come on…that dress looked like a glorified figure skating costume
Teri Hatcher was by far the worst of all of the women, she looked like she wrapped herself in toilet paper & left the house, even the lady behind her is in shock over the hideous nature of said tp dress

Now I do need to point out some hideous things that I noticed about some of the other ladies, Susan Sarandon was in flip flops, Sally Field’s dress was falling apart, and Dana Delaney wore something out of her closet….very bad idea, she looked AWFUL but because she was wearing nobody I didn’t put her on the worst dressed list.


Mickey Rourke, the man actually had his hand in his pants when he met Kate Winslet…nuff said

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