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Jan 9, 2009

Facebook Customer Service SUCKS!

Ok, so I joined Facebook not that long ago & had been enjoying using it quite a bit & had actually met up with all kinds of people that I hadn't heard from in years & I mean people I actually like, not idiots that I haven't seen in years because I chose not to see them. So anyway, when I arrived in Tennessee at my parent's house I jumped online to check my Facebook & I couldn't log in, by the way this was on Monday, December 22nd. So for some weird reason it's telling me that my password is incorrect but I know that it isn't because I was looking at my Myspace page at the time & I use the exact same login for both so I don't forget it. I try logging in numerous times only to be told that my e-mail address isn't on file & I can't log in. I check my e-mail from the account I used to attempt to log in & there is my Facebook confirmation email so I know it's the right address plus I know it's right because I'm looking at my Myspace page. I decide to notify Facebook of the issue & the next day I get an email to my address that they said was invalid asking me to reply to verify that is in fact my email address, so I do. I never heard back from them prior to leaving to come back to Detroit on the 29th...7 days! So I arrive back in the D & decide to try to access it at home because I'm probably still logged in so I go to the site & bam I'm in. I check my personal information & the login info that is shown is the login info I was using in TN so I chalk it up to things not working right in the south & carry on with my life. A week later I'm back at work & I go to login to Facebook & it's the same thing all over again so now I'm like WTF? I go home & change my password & verify my email address is correct & I log out, I try to log in using the updated information & it happens all over again..."this e-mail address is not on file"....are you kidding me? So at this point I'm furious...it has been 15 days & I can no longer log in at all on any computer and I cannot find a "contact us" link anywhere on the site. I opt to reply to the email they sent me again & wait 24 hours & get no response so I Google "Facebook contact us" and I get a link to contact them via e-mail on their site & I send them a message...I check yesterday (24 hours later) and have no response so I email them the same exact message again & today I still have no response! It has been just shy of 3 weeks & their "customer service" department has not responded to any of my messages. I think this is freaking bull shit & in my 31 years of life I have never had such poor customer service. I get better service at TJ Maxx & ladies, you know what I mean by this, I am thoroughly disappointed with Facebook, this would never happen with Myspace...ever!!! Just because the site is free doesn't give them the right to ignore the people using it, they claim to be one of the best sites around for finding old friends & helping your professional life yet they completely ignore their users. If they ever respond or get the issue fixed I may just close my account...why would I, or anyone for that fact want to be associated with a company who doesn't care about their customers?
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