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Jan 8, 2009

Bad Breath

So today I heard on the radio that Beyonce has the worst breath in show business. Apparently her breath is the reason that Nas broke up with her in the past & according to the story her breath is so bad she can't share a microphone with anyone else & her choreographer arranges routines so that others don't have to come face to face with her & deal with the stench. Obviously Jay-Z isn't affected by her issue so I tend to think that maybe he has the same problem, or...the sex is so good he just puts up with it! People say that she just doesn't seem to get the hint when offered Tic Tacs or gum or whatever so friends are suggesting an intervention, lol. With all the money she has why wouldn't she see someone about her issue? Well, I hope all works out for her & her funky mouth :)
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