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Mar 5, 2009

Chrihanna Updates!!

Ok so from the zillion things I've read today I'm gathering this information: This couple loves to fight, it's a total turn on so this incident is nothing new although more drastic than needed. The entire ordeal could have been avoided had Rihanna not invaded his privacy & read his text messages. He beat her so badly that blood splattered in the car & all over her clothes. She didn't lose consciousness but came close. Her calling her assistant & telling her to have the cops at the house when she got home is what sent Chris really over the edge & he told her he would kill her & then proceeded to try. He's been charged with 2 felonies but no idea what the penalty will be, he'll be arraigned this afternoon. They are back together anyway & her family supports it. She's pregnant (rumored). Flo Rida is pissed about the whole ordeal because they had a track that was supposed to drop soon & sure to be a number 1 but now that the radio won't play Chris Flo & those he collaborated with are going to miss out on their recognition which isn't cool. I'm still pissed that the radio stopped playing his music, eff that. Does the radio still play the Eagles? Yes, even though the dude is a child molester. Does the radio still play Ike Turner? Yes, even though he beat his wife for years. Does the radio still play Miley Cyrus? Yes, and why?! Article 1 Article 2 Article 3

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