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Mar 6, 2009

Who Does That?

OMG you guys! So Wendy informs me this morning about something that happened to her & Paul last night & all I could say was "who the eff does that"? Got a little story for ya & hear it goes. W&P had a friend over last night & this friend smokes cigarettes so they said "go ahead, smoke in the house, we don't mind" so he did. This morning W&P get a note from their downstairs neighbor, wait...let's step back a second.

W&P had a cool but lazy neighbor before & he wasn't much trouble but recently moved out & they got new neighbors, a couple with a 2 year old...just what everyone hopes will move into the other unit of their duplex right? So the kid seems to never sleep according to Paul, no matter the time of day he can hear it screaming, crying, yelling & it runs very heavily & they can actually hear the kid running around downstairs from their upstairs unit so you know that is LOUD!The people had no idea what recycling was nor what a sidewalk was either so I assume that they must be from Mars but that's beside the point.

Back to the story at hand. So they wake up to a note on the door which reads "please do not smoke in the house we can smell it downstairs" WTF? Who the eff are you to tell me what I can & cannot do in my house? I pay motherf***inrent & will do as I damn well please, not to mention the fact that we were here first & the lease does not indicate that this is a non-smoking house so eat a dick (that's what I would have said). So anyway, Paul wrote a note back that said "Thank you for confronting us about the issue. Keep in mind that waking up in the night to your child stinks too. Also this is not a recurring issue & the lease agreement allows us to do so." I give Paul a big fat gold star for today because Wendy (for some reason) is always hesitant to stand up to the neighbors even when she is right, even when they are doing something illegal (like parking over the sidewalk) she always worries about them getting pissed & I usually offer to come over & scream at them but she never lets me! That's beside the point, I wouldn't have even included the part about it not being recurring, I say invite all of your friends over that smoke & tell them to light em up!!! Who knows, maybe they can smoke em out, ha ha ha. What a crock of shit, what is with people? Who does that?
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Paul said...
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Paul said...

And the kid is running around as I read this. Oh and they are from Flint, which apparently is inhabited by martians.

Lisa said...

this is also a big pet peeve of mine being a dog owner. we have such a hard time finding a place that will take animals, but no one has a problem with kids. as far as i'm concerned, kids cause more problems like the ones you mentioned, peeing on the floor when they take their diaper off, writing on the walls with magic marker, etc. but somehow that's "okay" from a landlord's perspective.

Kel said...

You know Lisa, my friend Michelle was looking at an apartment & almost rented one until they told here there were no children allowed, she has a 10 year old, they did however, allow dogs & cats & I thought that sounded like a great place to live!!