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Mar 17, 2009

Green Wtih Envy

I just wanted to stop & wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's day & let those of you who are out drinking already know that I am green with envy of your guzzling of green beers!! I will be stepping out for a short while after work today to have a couple pints, after the last few days I could certainly use the distraction. Make sure you stay safe out there please, DO NOT drink & drive, I can't bear the thought of losing another friend. If you are partying in the Dearborn area you can always call Lorraine Cab, my personal hero at 313-582-6900 & if you are downtown you can call Checker Cab at 313-961-8294. I know there are services that offer free rides but I can't seem to find any of the information online. If you drove yourself somewhere & don't want to leave your car behind you can also contact The Designate 1-888-929-8282 & while I think they are pretty pricey if your car means that much to you or you don't think you can get a ride back to pick it up this route is much cheaper than DUI fines. As for all of my friends, if you should get wasted please don't hesitate to call me to come & get you, assuming I don't need a ride myself I'd be happy to help :) So cheers bitches & have a happy & safe St. Patrick's Day 2009!!!
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