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Mar 2, 2009

Only One More?!

So last night was the 2nd to last episode of The L Word ever! I'm so sad that this show is about to end in just 6 days :( I knew something was going to happen with the Tasha, Alice, Jamie saga but I'm glad that it didn't end up happening behind someones back (ala Shane) because Alice deserves way better than to be treated like that. Now even though I'm sad to see the show end I can't wait to see who killed Jenny but my cash is currently on Max because he's been so absent this season, his feminine hormones are raging, and Jenny keeps crossing the line with him. As for last night's episode Bette was smoking sexy as always, I was happy that the Kit/Sunset deal finally showed itself. As for the mama's I so knew that the mother wasn't going to come to LA, I mean come on Bette & Tina couldn't even spring for a flight? They were having a 7 month pregnant chick travel 6 hours on a bus when she could have flown in about an hour? Had I been the chick I wouldn't have come either, funk that...she knows they have the cash. I really wish that Bette would have just finished her story about Jenny & Kelly & the non existent cheating because at this point it really doesn't matter what she did or didn't do the point is that she's hiding it from Tina. Well, I'm just super stoked to see what all unfolds in the finale...it better be good!! I also want to say that I'm glad Jenny is going to die, I don't like her & then if they should make a reunion special or movie then she won't be in it, yay!!!
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