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Mar 16, 2009

Rollercoaster Weekend

So my weekend was very good until Sunday morning. Friday night I chilled at home, attempted to air out the onion smell that has been festering since I made stir fry on Wednesday and then went to bed early. My neighbors below me were pumping the bass like crazy so I opted to move into my bedroom where it was quieter, this of course just caused me to fall asleep watching TV at like 11. Saturday I went to Doug's so he could look at my car & then joined my friend Mike at his sisters wedding Saturday night where we partied down, had some drinks, I met some interesting people, saved Mike from sexual harassment, took pics in a photo booth then ran away & met up with some other friends at Bailey's. After that we all turned in & I got back to Doug's at about 3 & we sat up chatting about my invention that is in process until about 4 & though I was super excited I went to bed. Sunday I was woken up by a phone call from my boss, I thought it was strange but answered anyway only to find out that a co-worker of ours had passed away unexpectedly. The whole thing was extremely shocking & I still don't really believe that someone who was only 25 could just pass out & never wake up. Work is very quiet today & her empty cube behind me is more empty than ever. She is definitely being missed by all of us & as I'm sure everyone else feels the same as me, I keep expecting her to walk by. This is going to be such a difficult time for our now small group, it's so sad to have to say goodbye to such a nice, honest, and just all around good person. My thoughts & condolences go out to Stacie's family and friends in this trying time.
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Lisa said...

did you ever find out what was the cause? Very frightening to realize here today and gone tomorrow.

Kel said...

Nope, nobody has informed us of what actually happened so I don't know if the autopsy gave any answers. The funeral is Friday & it's going to be so sad, I feel so awful for her poor family.