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Mar 3, 2009

Who Does That?

So a 27 year old woman named Latreasa L. Goodman went to McDonald's & she paid for her food but was told that they were out of chicken nuggets which she ordered. They asked her if she wanted something else and she told them no & the store told her they couldn't give her the money back. She told them she didn't want anything else, she wanted the nuggets & then told the store to just cancel her order & give her all her money back & they again told her that no they couldn't refund the cash. Anyway, the woman got all pissed & called 911...three times!!! I too would be bummed if they were out of what I came for & yeah it's total crap that they wouldn't give her the money back but she should have called the 1800 number on her receipt when she got home, not 911. Who does that? Click here for the story & links to the 3 911 calls.
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Megan Petersen said...

I just don't think people realize that they can actually call the police department or file a complaint in any other way. It's like people who go the emergency room for a cold (not just cause of lack of insurance)...they honestly have no idea that there are more appropriate avenues. While the nuggets might only have been $0.99 it's still stealing in my eyes and she had every right to involve the police, but not 911.