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Mar 13, 2009

Pippen Being Released

So it looks like Scotty Pippen or I mean Christine Beatty got her wish, now I wasn't really following this story but I get the gist of it: Beatty was sentenced to 120 days in jail which is nothing considering what she did, so once she got in there she became an active participant in "the program" and did all of her chores with a smile on her face because apparently if you do you get "credits" to get you out of jail earlier. I personally feel that if you are sentenced to be in prison for less than a year then you should in no way be given any sort of option to get out early regardless of how many dishes you wash with a smile on your face. The thing I find most humorous in this article is that the judge referred to Beatty as a "celebrity". She's not an effing celebrity, she's a dirty girl who was just trying to get ahead & got caught. She's being treated like Paris Hilton or something (again, not a celebrity), nice example Detroit, way to go! I really don't understand our city lately...this wasteful light rail project, this idiot being released, at least they are letting Kwame get out of here but they should have told him that he can't ever come back. Do you think he's going to look good in a cowboy hat & bandana?
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1 comment:

Paul said...

"Do you think he's going to look good in a cowboy hat & bandana?"

Not unless it's on the end of a noose. Oops..did I say that out loud?