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Feb 2, 2009

Damn Shadow!!

Friggin Punxsutawney Phil saw his damn shadow today which means that winter will continue for 6 more weeks. Dude, I'm so over this shit season, I'm sick of wearing a scarf & gloves, I'm sick of having my windows closed, I'm sick of the fact that Ritter's isn't open, I'm sick of my friends not coming over, my opened toed shoes are sick of not being worn, I'm tired of filling up the humidifier every night, I'm tired of a sunless existence, I'm tired of having to battle the snow in my parking lot at home...even when it hasn't snowed in weeks, I'm tired of having no social life because winter makes me crazy & I hate leaving my house, I'm tired of being scared for my life just to drive to work because the roads are so awful, I'm sure Doug is totally sick of me taking his car to avoid the aforementioned terror, this could go on forever really but basically I'm sick & freaking tired of winter, period!!!!!!
photo courtesy of AP
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