"I Calls Em Like I Sees Em!"

Feb 18, 2009

If I Were A Boy...

Ok, now even though I will say that I sing along when I am stuck listening to this due to lack of anything else I still don't think this song makes one bit of sense. I'm sitting here reading the lyrics & she makes it sound like women don't have these rights that the men she is singing about seem to enjoy daily so let's do a little break down shall we?

I’d roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go - I did this today
drink beer with the guys - I drink beer with the girls
And chase after girls - And chase after guys
I’d kick with who I wanted and I'd never get confronted for it cause they stick up for me - All true friends do this male or female

I would turn off my phone tell everyone it's broken - I do this when I want peace
So they think that I was sleeping alone - who cares what people think
I’d put myself first - Check, I do this daily
And make the rules as I go - Again, check
Cause I know that she’d be faithful waiting for me to come home - Waiting? I'd be out too

But you’re just a boy, you don’t understand how it feels to love a girl - Um, other than boys only lesbians know how it feels to love a girl, it's us girls who make everything out to be so much bigger than it is, maybe just maybe if women did in fact behave like Beyonce's version of men then there wouldn't be all these crazy bitches following their men to see who they are with or grilling them about where they were. Bottom line in any relationship is if you doubt them, end it! After looking at these lyrics & scientifically analyzing them I think this song should be called "If I Were Still Single" because that's basically what she's getting at, if I were still single I could do whatever I wanted like she seems to think boys do & now that she's married she no longer has the luxury. That's my opinion!
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